Datchetman – Making Sense of Statistics and How People Find us…

When the Admiral started us off with this online initiative, we thought that people finding us on google was the main thing. It doesn’t seem to have turned out like that….

I reckon we get 50-90 regular returning visitors each day, but around 5-10 new visitors who come for a little look. They often look at our .com website too.

In the last 2000 visits to the new Datchetman (about one month’s worth), only 43 of them came via Google – and when people search they don’t just say “flying fifteen”. They find us when they add usually two or three words to the basic search. Most people are repeat visitors and have the address already – and one way or another they come back. However, surprisingly about 15% of our visits are from people coming from what they call “referring sites” – that is websites containing a link to datchetman. Naturally the most popular of these is the Datchet Club’s excellent Website – which provided 100 of the 280 referring visits. Next biggest referring site though is Goacher Sails. We have a button on Goacher Sails and they have a button on our site. Thankfully, to my relief, we have some traffic going from us to them (8 visitors this month) but amazingly 53 visitors came to datchetman from Goacher Sails. Very interesting….

Other popular referring sites in the last month were :-

– Facebook 28 times (This is likely Tony looking everyday!)
– Yachts and Yachting 22 (exceptionally interesting for us, and the datchetman page on Yachts and Yachting has been visited 350 times since I loaded it)

– Twitter 21 times

…..and I notice that even Linked-in has sent us a referral from the Datchet Man profile there… intriguing.

About flyingfifteen

Dedicated to Flying Fifteen Fleet Racing in London and the South East. Beautiful Boats, Great Racing, and Friendly People to the West of London. http://www.flyingfifteen.com
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