Datchetman Statistics – June 4th (7 day interval)….

As at Saturday June 4th (7 day interval)

DWSC stat was 56,518 (55,786 at 28/05/11) so 732 in the 7 day interval

New Datchetman was on  16,471  (15,678)   so 793 in the 7 day interval

Old Datchet Man was on 9,300  (9,263) so   37 in the 7 day interrval

Datchet Man Total at 04/06/11  25,771 (24,941) so 830 in the 7 day period, average of 119 per day

Datchet Man Start date 08/11/10 (30 weeks) , so lifetime weekly rate of 859

Visitor Proxy = Home Page views, which was 520 in 7 days (“this week”), equivalent of 74 visitors/day (not all unique)

Fleet website www.flyingfifteen.com in last 30 days had 359 visits,  of which 110 were unique visitors making 662 page views. Of these 662 page views, 63% (426) were on the homepage, 10% (66) looked at the Photos. Since the start of this website there have to date been 536 Unique visitors, so 14 new visitors in the 7 day period..

For a google search on the search-term “flying fifteen”,  we are  ranked at 8th  out of 1,380,000 hits and are on page 1. We are now one ranking ahead of Goacher Sails. 

About flyingfifteen

Dedicated to Flying Fifteen Fleet Racing in London and the South East. Beautiful Boats, Great Racing, and Friendly People to the West of London. http://www.flyingfifteen.com
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